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Travel press & event photographer Steve Dunlop has been covering ITT events since the early 1990's. The photography archives cover the period 2002 to the present.





Conference 2014 VideoMontages

ITT Malta Business Sessions 

ITT Malta 2014 Golf

ITT Malta 2014 Welcome Party

ITT Malta VIP Lunch

ITT Malta Affordable Late Night Party

ITT Malta Farewell Party

Steve Dunlop's video montages are a great way to view photos from ITT events. From Business Sesssions and Seminars to President's Dinners & Odyssey Suppers at The House of Commons.

Please feel free to use images for press & PR use & company or personal social media pages. Video Slideshows can also be linked to or embedded on your website. Images reproduced must be accompanied by a photo credit: Steve Dunlop

High Res Jpgs from events in the current year are free to download (with the exception of Conference). Please contact me if you need high res files from previous years.



ITT Event Photography

2002 to present

ITT Conference & Event Organisers 

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